EZ-Fish is a new web site devoted to easy fishing.  We focus on fishing while minimizing the logistics of getting there, bringing the stuff to the beach.  We are looking for new ideas on how to do easy fishing!   Please send any comments to:   comments@ez-fish.us      Thanks for visiting!

We have a few things we use which are unique.  The EZ-Fish scooter (modified Venice scooter from Costco) carries all the necessary gear, including 4 rod/reels, "Trident" rod holder, 2 buckets, and bait.  The "Trident" rod holder holds 3 rods in one location so baiting/rebaiting, and walking back and forth on the beach is not required.   It makes for more efficient fishing.   The long range rod for Pompano is a Protako telescoping rod but most of the smaller fish (whiting and croaker) are caught using normal 6'6" spinning rods with light reels w/12 lb test.   The Snook rod is a heavy duty rod with a Ahab 20 reel w/30lb test.  It's actually oversized for the job.  All of the fishing shown here is done around Juno Beach, Florida.

EZ-Fish scooter


You will need additional freezer space!

Nice Snook  5/13/2002  33", 11 lbs


before EZ-fish conversion

beach chair doubles as backrest

EZ-Fish scooter loaded up.

at the beach w/"Trident" setup

Results of EZ-FISH style fishing:

Julie with Snook

Nice large Pompano 3 lbs 1 oz

small pompano

small sennet (barracuda family)

limited on Pompano!  4/15/02


pompano and nice sheepshead (delicious also)

pompano from three of us 3/30/02

catch from 3/31/02

close in 3/25/02

nice whiting, croaker close in 3/26/02

bluefish, blue runner (good for soup) 3/27/02

close-in whiting, croaker, blue runner 3/28/02

lot of action close in 3/29/02

pompano 4/27/02

rare large sand crab with normal sand flea



any clue as to what hit this fish we were live-lining?

small shark (3') released after photo  9/2/02

53" 34lb shark taken 9/9/02

(2 pompano & croaker 9/14/02)

bonefish (2 taken & released 9/15/02)

small pomp with barracuda that hit a white perch

nice size pompano 9/15/02

another bonefish released 9/15/02

croaker cut and ready for soup (w/ginger)

6'6" lemon shark  8/2/03  bait: small live barracuda

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